A place of the birth or just a mere residence is alone not enough to say publicly that you are resident of India. Like other nations identity proof has, become imperative in India as well.  The main purpose of the Aadhaar card is to make sure that each Indian citizen will get unique social identity card.

Identity or lack of proof is a challenge faced by many Indians especially one who migrates from Rural to Urban.
Aadhaar card is a card provided by the government of India, as a proof of residence and identity in India. Aadhaar card consists of 12 digit unique number provided by the government to every individual including infants as well. Aadhaar card has biometric information and demographic information, which helps in establishing uniqueness of every individual.
Any resident of India can apply for Aadhaar card and is eligible to get Aadhaar card if the person completes successfully application process, and verification process done by UIDAI.
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Why do we need an Aadhaar Card?

1.  National Security: The main aim of Aadhaar card is to reduce the increasing problems of illegal immigrants. Aadhaar card will help in identifying both permanent and temporary citizens of India, from the illegal immigrants.
2.  Citizen identity: Aadhaar card can be used in proving ones identity throughout the India, even when you travel this one id proof is enough to verify. Apart from this there are many other citizen benefits that one can avail from this card.
3. Corruption: Aadhaar card is also expected to decrease the corruption.
4. Benefit for weaker sections: The poor and uneducated people do not have identity proof and so they are prevented from availing benefits like ration cards bank account, etc. By Aadhaar cards everyone can get services like, ration cards, bank accounts, etc.
Apart from these there are many benefits of Aadhaar card so have you registered for your Aadhaar card if not rush with your documents and avail the benefits.

Please note that this is not a official website of Aadhar Card or UIDAI. All details related to Aadhar Card is just for information purpose only, if you have any doubt or inquiry then please contact to  help@uidai.gov.in or visit official website: http://www.uidai.gov.in

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